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Hawaii has wide variety of weather and climate. Hawaii weather is seldom violent. Hawaii climates range from Kauai's Mt. Waialeale, the wettest spot on earth, to very dry and sunny Polihale Beach, only a few miles away. You can even ski! Find find out more about Hawaii weather and its year around climate.

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My Summary of Hawaii Weather and Climate
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Temperatures in Hawaii are very stable because it is surrounded by a vast, warm ocean.
All the air over the islands must first pass over thousands of miles of that ocean before it
reaches the islands. If the air comes from a cooler place, it warms up. It it comes from
a warmer place, it cools off. The ocean water temperature off Hawaii only varies from
about 76 to 81 degrees F.

Typical sea water temperatures for Honolulu, Hawaii ( Island of Oahu )
Jan 76 °F Feb 76 °F Mar 76 °F Apr 76 °F May 78 °F Jun 79 ° F
Jul 80 °F Aug 80 °F Sep 81 °F Oct 81 °F Nov 79 °F Dec 77 ° F

Air Temperature in Hawaii
Hawaii air temperatures follow a seasonal pattern. At sea level, the all day average
air temperature varies from about 78 degrees in August to 72 degrees in February.

Temperature varies depending on location.
There are two main factors: Altitude and exposure of the area to prevailing winds.
The prevailing winds are from the northeast. The northeast side of each island
is called the windward side. The windward side of each island tends to be cooler and wetter.
The high temperatures here rarely reach 90° F.

The leeward side is warmer and drier, Temperatures exceed 90° F several days a year.

The temperatures at altitudes below 1000 feet very rarely drop to 50° F .
Above 8000 feet, there is occasional freezing and even snow.

Snow is rare in Hawaii, but does occur at very high elevations, above 8000 feet.

Rain: Offshore, the rainfall is about 25 inches a year. As the warm, moist air passes
over the islands, it must rise and cool as it passes over the hills and mountains. As it cools,
water condenses. Therefore, the amount of rain depends strongly on location.

Hawaii's winds usually come from the Northeast. As those trade winds rise they drop water
on the land beneath them. Therefore, the windward side of the islands have much more rain
than the leeward sides. In general, the closer you are to the mountains on the windward side
( usually the northeast ), the wetter it is.

The air, having lost much of its water on the windward side, and warming again as it moves
down the leeward side of the mountains, clears up. It's clouds dissipate and the rainfall
diminishes. The driest and sunniest places in Hawaii are close to the ocean on the leeward,
( usually southwest ) side of any island.

The rainiest season of the year, in most places, is winter. The seasonal difference is greatest
at moderate elevations, and small at elevations above 2000 feet.

Rain may be very heavy at times. Floods are not uncommon near rivers on the windward
side of islands.

The trade winds that flow over and around the Hawaiian islands most of the time, must pass
over mountains and through valleys. These winds are usually above 12 mile per hour.
As they encounter these obstacles, wind speeds are increased as they pass through valleys
and their direction changes as eddies form. Winds may be gusty, strong and unpredictable
as a result. Winds above 60 miles per hour are rare Hawaii weather events, occurring only about
every five years.

Hurricanes in Hawaii
Hurricanes rarely hit Hawaii. Damaging hurricanes that do significant damage
have been separated by about 10 years on the average. Hawaiian hurricanes are usually
generated between Hawaii and Baja California.

The most recent severe hurricane, Iniki, struck Kauai and parts of Oahu in 1991.

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